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Bins & Systems

Bins & Systems

Choose Quantum Storage for the largest collection of Bins and Bin storage systems. From stackable storage to shelf bins and containers, our injection molded bins are durable and versatile.

Quantum Storage offers you the largest collection of bins and bin storage systems. They offer a range of bins to suit your requirements - from stackable to storage bins, Quantum Storage has it all. Their bins are made from injection molded plastic, which ensures that each product is durable and versatile. This means that the bins will last longer and that you can use them as complete solutions to your storage problems, be it at the workplace, in the garage and in the home.

Quantum Storage Systems offers the largest selection of storage solutions including the following: plastic storage bins, steel shelving, rails and louvered panels, jumbo storage cabinets, clear tip bins, tool boxes and new stack and nest totes with lids. They also offer a premium selection of conductive bins and storage systems in the industry. Quantum Storage is the best, workable storage solution providing a wide variety of storage systems that can be used for any storage problem you may have.

With new selections arriving every day, the company can boast that they have the largest selection of stackable storage bins on offer, and more. Whether you require storage systems for commercial, industrial or personal use, Quantum Storage offers top of the range products including the following:
  • Steel Shelving
  • Stackable Storage Bins
  • Plastic Storage Bins
  • Ultra Stack & Hanging Bins
  • Ultra Hanging Steel Systems
  • Storage & Security Cabinets
  • Shelf Bins & Systems
  • Giant Stack Containers
  • Conductive Systems
  • Clear Tip Out Bins
  • Tool Boxes & Clear Modular Drawers
  • Stack & Nest Totes
  • Magnum Stack Bins
These bin storage systems are unique, versatile and precision-molded at the company in Miami, Florida, and shipped directly to dealers or drop-shipped to customers. This vertically integrated process ensures that customers receive a newly designed, top quality storage system at the most economical price.

Through utilization of Quantum Storage systems you can increase production efficiency, reduce and control inventories, shorten assembly times and minimize the handling of parts. This will free up your time, thereby allowing you to focus on the things that really matter - be it pushing your business forward or focusing on the home. Quantum Storage is the most efficient, permanent and economical storage solution to your storage problems.
Wire Shelving

Wire Shelving

Our modular wire shelving solutions are manufactured to meet the highest of standards. They offer a combination of industrial strength and post sizes to meet any applicable shelving needs.

Quantum Storage offers the widest range in wire shelving storage solutions that can be utilized in the commercial and industrial sectors, as well as in the home. Wire shelving can be a useful storage system as the shelves can often be adjusted to make the spaces between them larger or smaller as per your requirements.

All of the wire shelves produced by Quantum Storage are manufactured to the highest of standards. This ensures the durability of the shelving system so that it will last longer. The company offers a combination of industrial strength and post sizes to meet any applicable shelving needs. Should you require such a shelving system, Quantum Storage will be able to provide it.

Quantum Storage offers particular wire shelving systems that may be the answer to your storage problems. They manufacture wire shelves that contain smaller, injection molded bins. This type of storage solution is ideal for storing smaller items of a uniform size, such as nails or screws either in a store environment or in your garage. They also manufacture wire shelves that have two shelves, handles and wheels. Such a system would be ideal for storing items that need to be transferred frequently (e.g. the transfer of towels, bedding and cleaning agents to the rooms and suites within a hotel). Taller units that have more shelves and do not have handles, but are also on wheels, are also manufactured by this company. These can be useful for storing items that need to be moved around.

The team at Quantum Storage endeavor to manufacture wire shelving that is unique, but that is also versatile and of superior quality. Some of the benefits of wire shelving include:
  • Rust resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes use of vertical space
  • Can be placed against a wall to maximize floor space
  • Useful in areas where fire prevention is stressed as it does not block the flow of water
Should you require wire shelving or if you wish to know more about this product range, contact Quantum Storage on their toll-free number. They will be able to provide you with a variety of storage solutions to your existing storage problems.
Steel Shelving

Steel Shelving

At Quantum, our Steel Shelving systems are designed for storage of small parts that might normally fall through standard wire shelves. A Dual layer construction with double hemmed perimeter ensures maximum strength and durability for heavier equipment.

Quantum Storage offers a range of steel shelving units as part of their storage solutions. Shelving offers an alternative to conventional storage in bins, and there are many reasons that make shelving a more appealing storage option. Should you require shelving for your business or in the home, Quantum Storage offers a range of shelving solutions to solve your problems.

At Quantum Storage, Steel Shelving systems have been specially designed to store small parts that would normally fall through the spaces of standard wire shelves. These shelves feature dual layer construction and have a double hemmed perimeter. This ensures that the shelving system has maximum strength and durability should you wish to store heavier items or equipment on it.

There are numerous benefits to installing steel shelving as opposed to another form of storage system. Listed below are a few of the benefits and reasons why steel shelving is often chosen above other storage systems such as bins:
  • Items are more visible. When items are stored in a bin it can be difficult to locate a specific item in amongst everything else that is stored in the bin. By storing items on a shelf they become more visible and can be located and accessed more quickly.
  • Larger items can be stored more easily. Larger, bulky items such as machine parts can be difficult to store in bins and boxes. You may not be able to stack bins on top of one another should the item not fit into the bin well. By storing these bulkier items on a shelf you can free up storage space in other storage systems.
  • More suited to delicate items. Fragile items should not be stored in bins amongst numerous other items as they are likely to break. This problem can be solved by storing them on a shelf.
  • Space. You may not have much floor space for a variety of storage systems. Steel shelves can be placed against walls or in longer rows, and makes use of vertical space as well as horizontal/floor space.